zLense 3D Imaging System Stimulates AR Application Research

Depth Imaging Rig is Useful Tool for AR Development


Las Vegas, NV (April 24, 2017) – zLense, a global broadcast and production technology innovator, has seen high interest from the Augmented Reality (AR) community in their zLense Depth Scanning Unit. Depth scanning lets AR developers separate elements of a scene in real time without the need for special lighting, green screens, or other production complexities, enabling new creative and operational possibilities. The company also offers complete virtual studio bundled offerings, zTrack™ camera tracking systems, and the innovative zKey™ 3D Keying System for broadcast TV, education, social media and corporate applications.

“The zLense Depth Scanning Unit was initially developed for depth-based effects but further research led to develop ‘greenless’ 3D keying for broadcast production, but its technology, functionality and cost effectiveness are also quite applicable to AR needs,” said Bruno György, CEO of zLense. “We are pleased to work with application researchers and developers to bring their ideas to life, both in entertainment markets as well as in business, public safety, and other emerging uses.”

The zLense Depth Scanning Unit can be used in various applications such as research projects with universities and medical facilities. The solution is also being used for educational and e-learning projects as well.

For more information, visit www.zlense.com, or stop by their booth (SL15713) at NAB 2017.

 About zLense™


zLense delivers innovative technologies for use in broadcast and production markets, with a specialty in 3D depth mapping, camera tracking, and real-time virtual and augmented reality applications. zLense offerings include the innovative zLense depth scanning unit, the zTrack™ precision camera tracking system and the zKey™ 3D keying system.  zLense benefits from the algorithm and software expertise of parent company Zinemath Zrt., based in Budapest, Hungary. For more information, visit zlense.com