zLense debuts Comprehensive Virtual Studio Bundled Offerings

Single and Multi-Camera Setups Have Cost and Flexibility Advantage


Las Vegas, NV (April 24, 2017) – zLense, a global broadcast and production technology innovator, is debuting comprehensive virtual studio bundled offerings for broadcast TV, education, social media and corporate applications here at NAB 2017. Virtual studios are available for single or multiple camera setups, and are equipped with camera tracking to support sophisticated production needs.

“Our new bundled offerings bring comprehensive virtual studios within reach of smaller broadcasters, educational facilities and corporate users,” said Bruno György, CEO of zLense. “Our comprehensive virtual studio bundled offerings bring significant advantages to these new users, both in terms of affordability and operational flexibility. Virtual sets, sub-pixel camera tracking and powerful VR software make it possible for smaller organizations to increase the creativity of their productions with extreme efficiencies.”

The basic offering is a complete Virtual Reality (VR) studio setup with support for moving cameras and a complete bundle of software including chroma keying and rendering along with camera tracking at a very attractive price point. Customers can choose from leading integrated rendering engines including Unity3D, Akatona, and Aximmetry. For more capability, a premium package is available that includes a zLense depth sensing unit to add depth into the render, and like the basic packages, the price point is well within reach of educational, corporate, and independent organizations. The first customers of the bundles are local and regional TV stations, thematic TV channels, where simple operation and affordability is a key.

“It should not have to be more complex to operate the new generation of broadcast VR and AR studios and sets than using an advanced character generator,” said Bruno György, CEO of zLense. “Our bundles can be used for outside and mobile broadcasting and with any kind of camera support equipment like cranes, sliders easily. So it gives not only the highest possible picture quality, very complex set design handling capability but an operational flexibility as well which was unknown combination with affordability yet.”

For more information, visit www.zlense.com, or stop by our booth (SL15713) at NAB 2017.  

About zLense™

zLense delivers innovative technologies for use in broadcast and production markets, with a specialty in 3D depth mapping, camera tracking, and real-time virtual and augmented reality applications. zLense offerings include the innovative zLense depth scanning unit, the zTrack™ precision camera tracking system and the zKey™ 3D keying system.  zLense benefits from the algorithm and software expertise of parent company Zinemath Zrt., based in Budapest, Hungary. For more information, visit zlense.com