AVID ISIS | 5500 Now Qualified with Dell Networking N3000 Series Switch

ISIS | 5500 Now Qualified with Dell Networking N3000 Series Switch

The ISIS | 5500 facility storage systems have been qualified with Dell Networking N3000 switches.
The Dell N3024 is an updated version of the currently supported Dell Force10 S25 switch series. Dell is discontinuing the Dell S25 series and introducing the Dell N3000 series. 

The switches and modules listed below are now qualified for use with ISIS | 5500 & ISIS 5000 engine and client connections.

The Dell N3000 series offers some advantages over the previous Dell S25 switch:

  • 2-ports 10G SFP+ (unpopulated) interfaces built-in & 2-ports 10G SFP+ (unpopulated) interfaces module
  • Built-in stacking interface
  • Hot Swap Power Supplies

Supported Dell N3000 Switch

  • Dell N3024
    24x RJ45 10/100/1000Mb auto-sensing Ethernet ports, 2x 10Gb Ethernet SFP+ ports, 2x Gigabit Ethernet Combo ports (can be equipped with 1Gbps Fiber Optic Ethernet), 1x hot swap module expansion bay, 2x 21Gbps stacking ports, hot swappable 200W power supplies, tool-less rack mount kit 

This switch is now qualified for use with ISIS | 5500 storage engines and clients. At this time Avid will continue to sell the Dell Force10 S25N switch. The Dell N3000 series switches can be used in ISIS | 5500 configurations in regions where resellers are no longer able to source Dell S25N switches.  

Configuration Overview

The Dell N3024 switch has been tested in the following configurations:

  • 10G and 4x1G Ethernet (single engine) connections to ISIS | 5500 & ISIS 5000 Engines
  • 1G, dual 1G and 10G client connections
  • Layer 3 / Zone 3 routed connections
  • Layer 2 / Zone 2 switched connections

The N3000 series has a 21Gbps stacking connection that allows 2 switches to be interconnected. This stacking is not compatible with Dell S25 or S60 switches. Dell N3000 and S25 switches are not qualified for use with ISIS |  7500/7000 client connections. 

Recommended Software Releases for ISIS | 5500 & ISIS 5000 Installations:



ISIS v4.7


ISIS v4.6.1

Minimum recommended version for ISIS | 5500-64TB engines

ISIS v4.2.2

ISIS v4.2.2 must be installed as a transition step from ISIS v3.x)