Véleményem szerint ez a két bekezdés a lényeg az írásban, de ajánlott elolvasni az egészet.

“It is predicted that in excess of 12% of worldwide television sales will be ‘4K Ultra-HD’ TVs in 2015. ”

“UHDTV in production: In the short term, some broadcasters and producers of high value programmes are already taking advantage of the latest “4k” equipment in the market1 to provide greater production headroom and to future-proof their content for the archive. In the same way that HD production technologies have improved the image quality of SD services over the last decade, improved cameras and production equipment will enhance the technical quality of current HD services. “4k” capture technologies will also enable innovative creative possibilities to create HD programmes (e.g. extracting HD frames from a “4k” image). The ITU-R has already recommended “the use of UHDTV image systems for capturing, editing, finishing and archiving high-quality HDTV programmes”. It should be noted, however, that mainstream production infrastructures for “4k” and UHDTV are still in development. ”

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