Devialet unveils SAM Speaker Active Matching

Devialet unveils SAM Speaker Active Matching

SAM (Speaker Active Matching) has been described by Devialet as its’ second technical revolution following the ADH concept at the heart of its amplifiers. SAM was conceived to allow any Devialet amplifier to adapt its behaviour to the attached loudspeaker by processing the audio signal in the digital domain according to a detailed mathematical model of the loudspeaker’s bass performance (up to 150Hz). The proprietary code accounts for the speaker’s electrical, mechanical and acoustical behaviour and runs in realtime on the amplifier’s spare’ 400MHz SHARC DSP (one of three). Sample-by-sample, it claims to compute the exact voltage to be applied to the loudspeaker to ensure that its low frequency acoustical response remains a faithful image of the recorded.
Currently only one B&W and one Vivid loudspeaker are accommodated, but once a wider range is mapped by Devialet, and the system goes ‘live’, its customers will be able to select their own speaker from a list and download and install the SAM software via Devialet’s website “configurator”.
Despite the investment in staff and resources to complete this multi-year coding project, SAM will be free to existing Devialet owners who may now vote online for their favourite models to be included!