NAB 2014: CANON CN7x17 KAS S CINE-SERVO 17-120mm T2.95-3.9 EF/PL Mount Lenses


The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 offers stunning 4K optical performance, 7x magnification with a 17mm-120mm focal length. Featuring a servo drive unit, it’s ideal for shooting scenarios where mobility is key.

Canon has created a lens offering outstanding quality -from image centre to image edge. The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 supports 4K resolution and incorporates an 11-blade diaphragm to deliver softer, more attractive out of focus areas.

Thanks to an impressive 7x zoom, with focal length spanning 17mm to 120 mm, and maximum T-number of T2.95, the CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 may be the only lens you need. A 3-group inner focus system developed for Canon lenses reduces focus breathing to an absolute minimum.

It is both weatherproof and shockproof – durable enough for every shooting environment.

With the CNZx17 KAS S, Canon introduces a new zoom lens with the optical performance for 4K broadcast and digital cinema use. The lens covers Super 35mm image sensors, provides a broad focal-length range of 17mm to 120mm, and features a detachable servo unit. The lens is compact and light enough to allow the camera operator to shoot with the camera carried on one shoulder and is compatible with standard broadcast lens controllers.

The lens makes use of wide-diameter aspherical elements and other optical material technologies to correct aberrations, while Canon’s latest lens coating minimizes flare and ghosting. Additional features include an iris close function for black-balance calibration, support for 16-bit virtual image signal output via three 20-pin connectors, a flange-back adjustment mechanism, and a macro function.

The CN7x17 KAS S E1/P1 employs a servo drive unit, enabling use in broadcast-style shooting environments where cine lenses are impractical. Compact and lightweight, it offers comfortable on-the-shoulder shooting with the familiar feel of a typical TV zoom lens. Focus ring rotation is 180°, balancing the accuracy required for 4K imaging with the speed needed for broadcast use. High resolution encoders mean that actions are precisely repeatable, whilst fast start-up and high-speed operation ensure you never miss a moment.

For tripod-based set-ups, existing Canon demand units can be used to control zoom, focus and iris. Virtual studio use is also supported thanks to a sophisticated 16-bit encoder output.

For digital cinema use, the drive unit can be detached from the lens for full manual control. For use with a follow focus, there are 0.8 pitch and 0.5 pitch gears on the focus ring, 0.5 pitch gears on the zoom ring, and 0.4 pitch gears on the iris ring. The lens also has an integrated support holder for use with 15mm and rod systems. To assist focus pullers, focal length is indicated on the side of the lens barrel with easy-to-read markings, available in both feet and metric units.

The lens is available in EF-mount and PL-mount versions. The EF-mount lens has the electrical contacts to properly communicate with Cinema EOS cameras to store lens data. The PL-mount version is compatible with Cooke’s /i Technology, which transmits focus, zoom, iris, and lens model data to compatible cameras.