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Avid Technologies has plenty of big announcements today, at the first ever Avid Connect. Just a day before the 2014 NAB Show kicks off, Avid announces a new Avid Everywhere content sharing and distribution platform that brings together cloud services with Flexible Software Licensing plans. They also launched an Avid Everywhere Micro-Site, which outlines updates for Media Composer, Pro Tools, and the entire Avid product line.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new products announced today at Avid Connect:

1) Artist Suites:

Video NLE:


Avid Media Composer® | Software is receiving a complete re-branding, removing the old numbered licensing & simplifying the product line. Media Composer version 8 will just be called “Media Composer.” Interplay® Shere, will now be Media Composer® | Cloud. All version of Media Composer will be Interplay ready. Symphony and Newscutter are becoming more like plug-ins than stand-alone versions of Media Composer. Branded as Media Composer® | Symphony® Option and Media Composer® | Newscutter® Option.

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Audio NLE:


Similar to Media Composer, Avid’s latest release of Pro Tools is branded Pro Tools® |Software. Some of the biggest enhancement added to Pro Tools are securely share and archive work locally or in the cloud, monetize content through an online marketplace, and manage content using a new metadata schema.

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Notation & Scoring, Pro Mixing, and Live Sound:


Not a huge amount of changes here. Although, it’s worth mentioning the S6 continues to impress the professional audio industry.

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2) Media Suites:


“The Avid Media Suite is a new grouping of products comprised of the company’s industry-leading media management, news production, distribution, and monetization solutions. The suite includes tools for file-based ingest, asset search and management, and multiplatform distribution. Over time, the Media Suite will expand to include metadata tagging, protection and encryption, and analytics.” Two new products get added, Media | Director and Media | Index. Both, drastically accelerate file-based processes for ingest, search, and asset management.

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3) Storage:


The ISIS® 2000 gets a big update! The new ISIS® | 2500, as well as the entire ISIS® family promises to be the cornerstone of 4k production. The size & price make it a viable option for any small-medium range production.

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The backbone of Avid Everywhere is MediaCentral:


Avid MediaCentral Platform, formally Central, acts as the collaboration glue, streamlining the production process. Expect to see features which will help find files faster, more flexibility of 3rd party manufacturers, and increasing simplicity of Avid workflows.

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