Introducing the new Avid ISIS 7500 and ISIS v4.6

Introducing the New ISIS 7500 and ISIS v4.6; Extending Avid’s Proven and Trusted ISIS Collaborative Storage Family


ISIS 7500 streamlines and accelerates media production in the most complex environments; doubles storage capacity; offers breakthrough value for broadcasters and large scale post facilities.

The ISIS 7500 is the latest addition to the award winning, most dependable, collaborative storage for media and entertainment workflows. We’re raising the bar on capacity, introducing an i8000 ISIS Storage Blade (ISB) with two 4TB drives, delivering 128TB capacity per engine.

This provides more storage space for more content, higher resolutions and higher frame rates and delivers the unrivalled performance that delivers more streams for more editors to get the jobs done faster.

The ISIS 7500 has three (3) engine sizes;

  1. ISIS 7500-32TB is a great entry point for customers requiring predictable performance and the high availability features of ISIS 7500
  2. ISIS 7500-64TB is an ideal choice existing ISIS 7000 customers looking to expand
  3. ISIS 7500-128TB provides the greatest storage capacity to meet ever growing demands

All three engine sizes can be scaled-out to create an ISIS 7500 system with up to 24 engines, using ISIS File System, delivering bandwidth, capacity, flexibility and security of ISIS workspaces to organize and segregate multiple simultaneous projects.

The ISIS 7500 32/64/128 will replace the existing ISIS 7000 32/64. These two generations of ISIS are fully compatible, any existing ISIS 7000 systems can be extended and enhanced by adding an ISIS 7500 engine(s). This scale-out feature of ISIS allows a production workgroup to expand from 32TB to 3 Peta Bytes on a pay-as-you-grow basis. Simply buy the capacity and additional bandwidth when you need it.

ISIS 7500 i2000 (2TB), i4000 (4TB) and the new i8000 (8TB) ISBs can be used to upgrade existing ISIS 7000 systems. This provides huge capacity increase without increased power, space or cooling needs.   Users are constantly looking for economical ways to expand the hours of footage available to the whole production team, ISIS 7500 delivers.

Key Features and Benefits (New and Existing)

  • Built for media production

Seamless integrated workflows with benchmark performance, reliability and manageability

  • Enables collaboration

Unsurpassed user experience with reliability, scale, and predictability that enables and accelerates creative collaboration

  • Workflow connected

Tightest integration with asset management, editing, ingest, and playout devices while supporting 3rd party applications

  • Ease of use

Suite of powerful and intuitive system management tools that save time and effort

  • Open architecture

File Gateway, Avid clients, Final Cut Pro, Adobe….

  • Elegant simplicity, with exceptional power

Thanks to its self-balancing distributed architecture and metadata management, you gain more time to focus on creative work

  • Proven and trusted

Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers worldwide have made ISIS their storage solution of choice