Új Audience WavePower II 400W teljesítményű, 93%-os hatásfokú high-end audio erősítő





400 watts @ 8 ohms

650 watts @ 4 ohms

1200 watts @ 2ohms

100k ohm input impedance

Output impedance – less than 3 milliohms

Signal to noise ratio – greater than 128 db

Output switching frequency – 480Khz

Power bandwidth – DC to 35kHz + 3dB

Distortion – less than .004%, 20 Hz – 20 KHz @ full rated power

Efficiency – 93% at full power



Audience exclusive Ohno wire input transformer for noise rejection, safety and true balanced or single ended input.

Exclusive Audience input circuitry designed for utmost resolution and lowest distortion.

Exclusive Audience aR-TS power conditioner

New Neutrik 20 Amp Powercon power connectors

Magnetic breaker power switch

Puresonic input & output connectors

WBT binding posts

Audience exclusive Auric Ohno point to point hand wired throughout
Audience exclusive Au24 SE powerChords