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MC 7 | Everything you want to know….

New Items to the end on added 5/29/13

Listed below is a 22 part comprehensive list that covers most of the main points surrounding the v7/v11 releases.  The v7/v11 products are expected to be available “officially” later this quarter to the general public.

Some of the details such as the end date of the Protection Period and the date we add activations to customers accounts at account.avid.com, as well as updated links to FAQ’s and ReadMe’s, etc. are still being finalized.

Important – As soon as I have additional information I will UPDATE this thread and indicate that the information added is NEW and the date I added it.

I want to be sure that all the supporting documents and URL’s you are provided are accurate to help answer the onslaught of questions over the coming weeks.


1.   Web Site –  The www.avid.com pages for Media Composer 7, Media Cpmposer 7 with the Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 will go live at the end of June 2013 with details on the products.  Since we are still offering Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5 and NewsCutter 10.5,  the 6.5/10.5 pages remain on avid.com.

2.   NAB Microsite – We created a microsite in April 2013 locatd at http://apps.avid.com/events/2013/nab2013/   This microsite started being updated with product announcements, video’s, blog posts etc. for both the Pro Video and Pro Audio products ( PT 11 is coming in June too) starting on April 7, 2013.   Please feel free to check this site periodically for updates.

3.   Product Availability  –  Avid Media Composer 7, the Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 new licenses and upgrades to Media Composer 7, Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 will be available for purchase at the end of June 2013 ( on or around June 27th, 2013) from Avid Inside Sales directly, Avid Resellers, and the Avid Online Store.

4.   Buy 6.5/10.5 and get 7/11 at No Charge – Customers that buy a new Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5 or NewsCutter 10.5 license or an upgrade to Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5 or NewsCutter 10.5 will be eligible to receive an upgrade to the product they have bought – i.e. Media Composer, Media Composer  w/Symphony Option or NewCutter.

5.  Protection Program Changes from previous versions – Avid is handling the Protection Program a bit differently with the release of v7/v11. Rather than going by a customers 6.5/10.5 product registration, we will be relying on the date the license or upgrade to 6.5/10.5 was added to their avid.com “My Account”, either by an Activation Code /Download Code redemption or an Avid Online Store purchase.

This means that you won’t have to take any action on launch date to get your free upgrade if eligible.  Customers will just log into their avid.com My Account via the Master Account loginhttps://www.avid.com/US/Account/orientation and the new activation ID and download link will be there.

The important component here is:

*  That customer’s need to use the 6.5/10.5 Download Codes they have received from a reseller or Disti purchase or an upgrade between now and the June 27th, 2013.

*  Avid Online Store purchases of new units and upgrades will be automatic and the new activation code(s) will be available on launch day.

Bottom line – if you bought a new license to Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5 or NewsCutter 10.5, or an upgrade from a reseller you need to redeem your Download code located on the activation card at http://apps.avid.com/activate/us/  before June 27, 2013.

Media Composer 7 Protect FAQ

6.  Protect Requirements – Three things are required in order to receive an upgrade to v7 /11 at no additional charge:

  1. Purchase a new unit or an upgrade to Media Composer 6.5, Symphony 6.5 or NewsCutter 10.5 on or after April 7, 2013 from the Avid Store or a Reseller
  2. Register the New unit product (at www.avid.com/support/register).
  3. Redeem your Download Code from your Activation Card kit via your Avid Account at Account.avid.com before June 30th, 2013.

Please Note: Customers who purchase from the Avid Web Store do not need to redeem a Download Code as their products are available in their Avid Account at account.avid.com immediately after purchase. These customers still fall under the Protection Program.

7.   Educational Customers and the Protect Program – Do Education Customers – students, teachers, or institutions – also qualify for the Protect period?  Education customers will also receive an upgrade to the corresponding Education version (student, teacher, institution) of Media Composer 7 when it becomes available.

8.   Avid License Control – we continue to use the Avid License Control Utility to activate licenses of Media Composer 7, Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 and upgrades to Media Composer 7, Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 as well as the ScriptSync and PhraseFind options.  This is the same Avid Licensing Control Utility used to activate the new versions as well as PhraseFind and ScriptSync Options.

Note: The Avid Licensing Control Utility resides in the Utilities folder and be accessible outside of the editing application.  Customers that forget to deactivate prior to re-imaging their system or moving their license to another commuter can now deactivate manually using the Avid License Control Utility.

9.   Symphony Option and FAQ – Now an option to add to Media Composer 7, the Symphony Option containsadvanced color correction tools for secondary color correction of images as well as relational color correction, formerly only available in Avid Symphony.  The Symphony Option must be activated on top of Media Composer 7 or higher.

A Symphony FAQ has been posted to the Knowledge Base which addresses a lot of questions relating to this new option.

Symphony Option FAQ 

10. PhraseFind and ScriptSync – PhraseFind and ScriptSync for use with v7 (16 digit Activation ID’s) have not changed with this release.  Customers who are running version 6/ or 6.5/with one or both of these options should NOT deactivate the option(s) prior to upgrading to Media Composer 7 or Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option. The Avid License Control Utility will port the activation of these Options properly.  For those that wish to use PhraseFind and/or ScritpSync in Trial Mode, they can still do so within the version 7 editing application.

  • ScriptSync and PhraseFind – 25 digit Serial #’s – works with 5.5/9.5 and earlier
  • ScriptSync and PhraseFind – 16 digit Activation ID’s – works with 6/10 and higher

11.  Avid Online Store Software Downloads Only – The Avid Online Store will continue to sell software downloads ONLY of Media Composer, Media Composer upgrades and Symphony upgrades until v7 is available.

When v7 is available, Media Composer and the Symphony Option be purchased either from the Avid Online Store, from Avid Inside Sales or through an authorized Avid Reseller.

Note:  All NewsCutter 11 units and NewsCutter 11.5 upgrades will continue to be sold through Avid directly or from an authorized Avid Reseller.

12.  Activation Card – Avid Media Composer, the Symphony Option and NewsCutter will continue to be sold with an Activation Card inside a shipping kit  and will no longer will ship with DVD’s and an install guide.  A physical kit will include an “Activation Card” containing a “Download Code” that will be used to redeem for a System ID ( new products only).  Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option will receive 2 activation codes to redeem – One for the editing app and one for the Symphony Option.

Upgrades will continue to use the customer’s existing System ID and will receive a new Activation ID/serial number(s) depending on what was purchased to activate the product(s).

Note:  that serial numbers for the included 3rd party components remain the same under 7/11.

What does a card look like?



How it works:  

  • Customers go to www.avid.com/activationcard and click on the product image they have purchased.
  • The customer is then directed to the “Master Account” log in page where they will enter their “master account” information or create a “new account” if they don’t already have one.
  • If their Master Account login is entered correctly, the customer is then prompted to enter the Download Code located on the back of the Activation Card (located on the back of side of card).
  • The customers account will contain all the entitled software installers, Avid serial number and system ID, 3rd party serial numbers along with a link to the latest ReadMe and Installation documentation.

13.  3rd Party Software – With the introduction of Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and NewsCutter 10, the 3rd party application components were included with the new product or upgrade.  This practice continues with v7/11.  The bundled 3rd party products – Avid DVD, Avid FX, Sorenson Squeeze, and Boris Continuum Complete (Symphony customers only) –have not be updated with v7/11. The same versions that come with 6.5 /10.5 will ship with 7/11, therefore customers taking part in the Protection Program will not see additional serial numbers or licenses in their Avid Accounts.



Product Media Composer 7 NewsCutter 11      Symphony Option 
Avid FX Mac & Windows Windows  Only


    Comes w/ MC 7
Avid DVD Windows Only Windows Only     Comes w/ MC 7
Boris Continuum Complete


Not Included Not Included     Comes with the Symphony Option for       Mac & Windows
Sorenson Squeeze Mac & Windows Windows  Only     Comes w/ MC 7



1.  The individual Production Suite as a standalone kit will not be offered

2.  The Symphony Option is installed on top of Media Composer 7 therefore the Symphony Option only comes with BCC

3.  From time to time the 3rd party Applications are updated so you should always check the download center

for maintenance updates.

14.  SW Licensing – New Media Composer 7, Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 units and upgrades to Media Composer 7, Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 will use the same Software Licensing activation scheme as with 6.5/10.5.

Read all about it 

15.  Dongle – Customers that still use a a dongle will trade-in or redeem their new 7/11 Activation ID/serial # at the following link.


How to update a dongle:  Customers will enter their system ID, Dongle serial # ( both can be found on the dongle tag) and  new activation ID along with their name and email from the original registration and if all is legit the site will generate a updater.avd file. Instructions along with the dongle manager utility for Mac and Win is still located at www.avid.com/dongle

16.  Volume Licensing for EDU Institutions – Volume Licensing allows for multiple activations of network connected devices without the need for using separate Software Licensing Activation IDs. This license type is ONLYstill available for Educational Institutions. Any Educational Institution who wishes to use Volume Licensing should contact Avid directly.

17.  Open I/O  – With the release of Media Composer 7, Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11, the 3rd Party Open I/O vendors will most likely have to update their drivers for Avid’s cross-platform SDK. The 3rd Party vendors will continue to host their own web pages outlining Avid compatibility and provide a support grid for hardware feature capabilities within the 7/11 family .  Note that customers will continue to configure all Third Party hardware via a software based Control Panel and the 3rd party partners will be responsible for creating this – so they may look different depending  – and supporting this.

18.  Support Customers  –  Customers who own Media Composer, Symphony or NewsCutter with a valid Avid Support contract can download the new equivalent editing app – Media Composer 7, Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option and NewsCutter 11 – from the Download Center (login and password required) when the products are available to the general public.

Q:  What do customers currently w/ a support contract receive once v7 is available?  

A:  Support Contract Customers for example will receive Media Composer 7: Interplay Edition via the standard versioner process at no additional charge provided that: 

  • Their support contract is active at the time of the release of Media Composer 7.0
  • Their support contract includes software updates
  • Their support contract was purchased prior to April 7, 2013 

19.  Academic Customers – Individual Academic Students who purchased and registered a Media Composer v3.5, v4, v5, v5.5, v6, v6.5 academic license are entitled to a free Avid Media Composer 7 upgrade as long as they are still within the 4 year upgrade period and are still in school.  

Upgrades are obtained here: http://www.avid.com/us/support/upgrade-academic-free

Important Notes:

• Institution and faculty/teacher copies do NOT qualify for the 4 years of upgrades.

• Dongle based Academic systems are NOT eligible for the 4 year upgrades.

20.  Media Composer and Symphony Option Trial Software

The Media Composer 7 Trial Software as well as the Symphony Option Trail software will be available at General Availability to the public.  For now only 6.5 will remain in the avid.com site.  The page will still require the prospect to enter in their contact information in order to receive an email with the Trial links



NEW ADDITIONS  |  May 29,  2013

21.   OS Requirements


Apple Macintosh and Mac OS X Supported (64-bit):
* Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion) * Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mt. Lion)
Windows Operating Systems Supported ( 64-bit):
* Windows 7 (Professional) * Windows 8 (Professional) 


22.  Useful Links