Az Eurovíziós Dalfesztivál hangrendszere

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As a main sound system, the Nexo Geo T large format tangent line array system was chosen. It was already proven during the Melodifestivalen earlier this year in the same arena. It fulfills our need for clarity and efficiency plus it’s tiltable and lightweight for this application (important in an already crowded roof! click for larger image)



The interesting thing with this arrangement is the unusual way of using a main front fill hanging system as a delayed system. A smaller version above the stage is used as a main and its level is under control of Matthias Winther at FOH in order to attenuate the level of speakers above the stage in cases when there is not a music performance (hosts are talking, voting, etc…) – basically when the main attention is focused somewhere into the downstage area.





Here is the brain for the whole show – the Midas XL 8 digital console (1 main and 1 backup). Here is where audio signals, fiber or analogue multicors are received and distributed to the next audio worlds. Because we are talking about a fully backed up sound system, everything is doubled – the processors, splitters, network converters, UPS, etc… The only thing on this show that doesn’t have a back up is: we don’t have another Ola! ;) We have a third Midas XL 8 in our in ear monitor rehearsal room, where the artist gets a 30 minute rehearsal session, prior to their onstage rehearsal. I need to try to remember to get a portable AC unit into this room before Monday…………

FOH uses 2 Midas Pro 9 consoles (main and backup)

For the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, the Sennheiser Wireless Digital 9000 microphone and transmitter is specified. This system will be used for the first time here for an event this size, although Sennheiser has been doing Eurovision for many years and is one of our biggest event sponsors!

The artists are fitted for the in-ear system backstage and have time to get comfortable with the sound and fit before going on stage.

Sound Equipment List


98 Nexo Geo T 4805 Main/Outfill/Frontfill; 8 Nexo Geo T 2815; 12 Nexo CD 18 subs; 2 Nexo S2; 4 Nexo PS 10; 32 L-Acoustic dV-dosc Backfill; LAB LM 44 & LM 26 for PA management (DANTE network)


2 Midas PRO 9 Main/Backup; 2 Mac Pro running Waves plug-in


2 Midas XL 8; 16 Sennheiser 2000 IEM; 10 L-Acoustic FM 155; 4 L-Acoustic ARCS Sidefills


2 Mac Pro running CUBASE


Sennheiser Wireless Digital Microphone & Transmitter System 9000 Series