NAB 2013: AJA ship Corvid, KI Pro Quad, introduce Hi5-4K mini-converter for 4k-HDMI

Hi5-4K mini-converter

AJA informs that the Hi5-4K mini-converter “provides a simple monitoring connection from professional 4K devices using 4 SDI outputs to the newest 4K monitors with 4K-capable 1.4a HDMI inputs. Previously, conversion from quad 3G-SDI to a single 4K HDMI was not possible, but Hi5-4K enables this functionality in a single, highly-portable device.” To do this, in combines three 3G SGI inputs into a single HDMI 1.4a output. It supports 4K (4096×2160) and QuadHD (3840×2160), as well as HD resolutions for those of us not constantly working in 4K (in those situations it works in the same way as a Hi5-3G). Although it can’t up or downconvert between HD and 4K, it can adapt between 4K and QuadHD, so you can use QuadHD monitors when working with 4K footage.

Here’s a nice roundup of the supported formats, courtesy of AJA themselves:

AJA ROI mini-converter

As AJA explain it, their ROI mini-converter “allows exceptionally high quality conversion of computer DVI and HDMI signals with “Region of Interest” support, to professional video over SDI at an affordable price and a very portable size. With extensive audio functionality, incredible image scaling as well as aspect and frame rate conversion, ROI fulfills the growing need to properly incorporate computer signals into the video world without sacrificing budget or space. ROI’s most powerful feature is the ability to interactively select a Region of Interest from the incoming DVI or HDMI signal and scale that portion of the image to the SD or HD output resolution using AJA’s high quality scaling algorithms for the cleanest picture quality possible.”

AJA are aiming this at news and information programming, where content on a computer screen may need to be incorporated into an SDI video pipeline – you can select and import the desired screen segment using AJA’s free MiniConfig app and ROI mini-converter. The converter has a DVI-D input and can be used inline with  a DVI monitor’ it also has SDI output capable of handling all standard SD and HD formats, frame rate conversion and aspect ratio conversion.