Danley Ion – miniatűr bluetooth hangszóró minden íróasztalra

A gyártó még 2012 karácsonya kapcsán a Facebook oldalán jelentette be az apróságot.


Ezt írják róla:

“We are proud to announce the Danley Ion! This tiny lithium ion battery powered loudspeaker will amaze you with the quantity and quality of sound it produces. It has a built in micro SD card slot as well as a wired input, is Bluetooth enabled so you can play your songs wirelessly and even has a hands free teleconferencing capability.

+/-3dB 100Hz-20kHz. Bass extension good down to around 60Hz. The low frequency design has a tremendous amount of punch and sitting on a table or counter you can feel the bass. Everyone that has seen and heard the Ion has been rather stunned”

Pár napon belül érkezik belőle, igen kíváncsiak vagyunk a vicces, kb kávéscsészényi nagyságú szerkezetre.