Avid ISIS v4.2 / v4.0.3 Software Release – Mac OS X 10.8 kliens szoftverrel

Product Release:  Avid ISIS v4.2 / v4.0.3 Software Release

Avid is pleased to announce the availability of the latest software release for ISIS storage systems. The ISIS v4.2 software kit is available on the Avid Download Center and includes infrastructure software upgrades for ISIS 7000, ISIS 5000 and ISIS 2000 systems as well as a new Client Manager release. This is a mandatory update for ISIS 7000 systems that have i4000 blades.


As of this release, the ISIS 2000 nearline storage system is now available and shipping in both 120 TB and 240 TB capacities. This release also includes support for the latest Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter releases (v6.5/v10.5) as well as support for the latest Mac OSX release (10.8).


The following is a list of new features that were added in the Avid ISIS v4.2/v4.0.3 release.

·         Avid ISIS v4.2 Client Manager software is supported in the:

o    ISIS 7000 v2.4, v4.0, v4.0.1, and v4.0.3 infrastructures

o    ISIS 5000 v3.2, v4.0, v4.0.1, and v4.0.3 infrastructures

o    ISIS 2000 v4.1 and v4.2 infrastructures

·         Qualification of the latest Avid editing software releases

o    Media Composer v6.5

o    Symphony v6.5

o    NewsCutter v10.5

·         Support for ISIS 2000 Engine with 120TB storage capacity

·         Avid ISIS Client Manager support for Mountain Lion OS X v10.8

·         Mac OS X continuous disk logging

·         Adobe Premiere CS6 qualification

·         ISIS 7000 i4000 updated memory controller settings


Additional Information

For additional information and prior to installation, please download the Avid ISIS ReadMe Version 4.2.


For information on how many streams were qualified per client at various resolutions, see the Avid ISIS Performance and Redistribution Guide on the Knowledge Base at http://www.avid.com/US/support.