Baselight for Avid – fényelés felsőfokon Avid Media Composer és Symphony mellé

Egyelőre csak Mac OS X platformon, de az év végétől Windowson is elérhető lesz az NAB-n bemutatott Filmlight Baselight for Avid plug-in, ami kb 250.000.- Ft-os nettó áron elérhetővé teszi a Filmlight high-end fényelő rendszerének gyakorlatilag minden fontos HD és SD felbontásokra érvényes elemét. A használatot a GPU teljesítmény maximális kihasználásával gyorsítják a napi munkavégzés által megkövetelt szintre.


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Baselight for Avid

Baselight for Avid enables you to quickly add high quality colour corrections to your shots in either Media Composer or Symphony, using a comprehensive subset of the powerful grading tools and other features available on full Baselight systems.

Unlimited Layers of Colour

The Baselight effect plugin can be applied to any or all clips in your timeline allowing you to add multiple grading layers to each shot. Each layer can act either as an overall primary colour correction or as a secondary grade restricting the effect to selected parts of the image. There is no limit to the number of layers you can ‘stack’ allowing you to build up complex corrections to obtain the exact look you require.

One Licence, Multiple Editions

If you want access to the power of Baselight within a host of different applications, there is no need to buy multiple licences. So long as the applications are installed on the same system, purchase one licence in the Baselight Editions range and you get access to all Editions on that machine.

Built-in Keyers and Matte Generation

Two separate grading or filter effects can be applied ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of a user-defined matte, within any layer of a Baselight grading stack. Mattes are generated using a combination of built-in luma/chroma/3D keyers, bezier shapes and various modifiers allowing full adjustment of roll-off, softness, choking and so on.


Baselight provides variable shape feathering, which allows shapes to have differential softness, but without ever suffering from the folding and edging that occurs with other solutions. Edge artefacts won’t creep in as the shape animates—Baselight ensures that the feather is always smooth no matter how complex the shape.

In addition, the Matte Tools operator simplifies matte creation and manipulation by combining the separate functions of matte filtering and refining.

Filters available within the Matte Tools include Gaussian Blur, Inwards/Outwards Blur, Erode/Dilate, Median and the Sander, which removes speckles and holes without modifying the geometry of the matte.

Threshold and curve functions can also be applied to fill holes, adjust choking and further refine the matte.

Additional Effects

As well as our renowned ‘film’ and ‘video’ style grading tools, Baselight for Avid also provides RGB and HSL curves, selective hue shift and a set of simple filters which can be used to further enhance the image. Advanced effects such as ‘bleach bypass’ or ‘faded film’ can also be applied using a set of ‘look’ filters based on our powerful Truelight technology. All filters can be used in conjunction with colour grades as an overall effect or within an inside/outside layer.

Familiar Controls

Baselight for Avid operates in its own window but also provides a full-screen user interface with exactly the same look and feel as that found on full Baselight systems and other Baselight Editions products. Users not already familiar with Baselight operation will find the intuitive and friendly interface quick to learn and a pleasure to work with. In addition to the graphical user interface, Baselight for Avid also supports the Artist Color grading surface providing more precise hands-on control of the Baselight grading tools.

GPU Rendering

Baselight utilises the system GPU, if available, to accelerate rendering performance. Baselight for Avid is a real-time plugin, so most colour corrections can be played directly on the Avid timeline.

Shot-to-Shot Navigation

Navigate through your Avid timeline with ease, without having to close the Baselight user interface to change to a different shot. With a simple configuration change, you can use the F5/F6 keys on the keyboard to move to the previous or next shot while the Baselight UI is open, making that shot available instantly for grading in Baselight.

GPU Scopes

Baselight includes built-in Vectorscope, RGB Parade, YCbCr Parade and Luma Waveform displays plus a high-precision histogram. Accurate levels are displayed along with an indication of ‘illegal’ colours. Each scope can be displayed within the Baselight UI.

Live Measurements

When the mouse pointer is clicked within the main image display a live readout appears on all scopes plus the histogram indicating values for the currently selected part of the image. A key advantage of built-in scopes is that they are not restricted to a standard video signal format and will therefore work with material at any resolution.

Built-in Truelight Colour Management

Baselight for Avid not only provides a powerful set of grading tools and filter effects but it also includes FilmLight’s world-renowned Truelight colour management system, enabling a true what-you-see-is-what-you-get preview when working with a calibrated display. Support for Truelight Profiles allows you to work with source material which has a non-video colour space or gamma such as native footage from a digital movie camera or log scans from film. Truelight will ensure that you see an accurate preview of the final deliverable.

Automated Tracking

Baselight’s automatic tracking system provides several options so you can track objects throughout a shot: one-point, two-point, or the new area-based tracker. You can now define an area in the image rather than individual points and the system will accurately track the translation, rotation and scale of the object. As with the point trackers it is possible to track forwards or backwards, and also specify new references or add offsets during the track if required. Additional settings allow you to disable the rotation or scale of the track if required.

Display Options

At the press of a button, toggle your display to wipe your graded shot with the raw version of the shot, or view the two images side-by-side. You can also compare the image against a snapshot grabbed from another part of the Avid timeline.

An easy-access menu below the image allows you to toggle through different matte display options, such as B&W and overlay.

Fully Integrated Workflow Support

Everything you do within Baselight for Avid is saved within the project and can be embedded into an exported AAF file for further grading work in another Avid or full Baselight system. This workflow is fully bidirectional meaning that a graded project can be re-imported from a session in a full Baselight suite with all edits and Baselight layers intact.

Baselight Grade File (BLG) support

In addition to AAF exchange of grading data, Baselight for Avid supports the FilmLight BLG file format enabling looks to be imported and exported from all other Baselight systems including BLT and FLIP as well as other BLG enabled products.

Rendering support for Baselight features

Baselight Editions provide a comprehensive subset of features enabling complex looks to be achieved within your edit suite. However, advanced rendering support for almost all Baselight features is provided within the plugin—allowing final delivery of jobs, which may have been graded via AAF/MXF exchange with a full Baselight system, directly from your Avid suite.