Danley Soundlabs – pre Infocomm Show – Las Vegas Speedway

From Danley’s Facebook page:

“Danley will be doing a pre Infocomm Show demo of the Jericho Horn family including the J1, J2, J3 and the brand new J4 HF which utilizes 64 compression drivers!

The demo will be Monday afternoon on a huge open lot at the corner of N Hollywood Blvd and El Campo grande which is down the street fro the Las Vegas Speedway the the Petro Truck Stop. 

The Jericho products that will be shown is the J1-94, J2-96, J3-64, J4-31. The first number is the “layout style”, while the second number is the pattern. For example the J1-94 is 90×40 and the J4 31 is 30×10-J364 is 60×40 etc. This will allow us to make different coverage patterns as needed in the future-for the same layout style.

We will also have a new SM100F product. It is basically a Sh100 horn-with a more powerful driver and a 15″ woofer for the lows. Same basic size as the SM100B (the old SH100B-but with a new name) but biamped.”

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