Megjelent az Avid Media Composer 6.01 szoftver frissítése

Az Avid Download Centerből letölthető a 6-os szoftver első frissítése, a 6.01.

Mind Windows, mind Mac felhasználók számára az upgrade előtt javasolt a 6-os verzió uninstallja az új változat telepítése előtt. A meglévő plug-inek újratelepítése nem szükséges.

Bug fix list:
➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165318. When loading an Omneon MXF file, you might have received a PMM_MISMATCH_AUDIO_FORMAT error. Update to the latest MXF AMA plugin.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165978. You could not enter pan values in the pan value field in the Audio Mixer tool.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165149. (Windows) The infinity dB symbol in the Audio Mixer tool displayed as a square.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00166126. You can now move a folder into another folder when in the Project Window.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00149254. Performing a drag and drop from a bin to the desktop did not work. This has been fixed for Windows systems.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165182. (Macintosh) The spacing between text characters (kerning) was not consistently readable throughout the user interface.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164726. You might have received a “WM_WRITE_SAMPLE_Failed” error when exporting Windows Media (.wmv) files.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165107. (XDCAM) You might have received a “freed object” error when modifying AMA resolutions on a sequence with multiple cuts from the same clip.


Fixed in Media Composer v6.0.1, Symphony v6.0.1, and NewsCutter v10.0.1

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00162897. An “unable to locate the web document” error would occur when saving a FilmScribe review when using the Japanese locale.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00162886. The EDL Manager Get and Send buttons were not selectable when the editing application was running.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165599. The right border of the EQ graph would disappear after a redraw.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165552. Choosing Reverse Selection from the bin Fast menu, did not reverse the selection.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165844. (Nitris DX or Mojo DX) You might have received a “NEMFileWriter Timeout” error when transcoding 1:1 or 1:1 10bit to DNxHD.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165502. Fast importing QuickTime movies with Alpha to OMF produced artifacts when in an SD project.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165300. Importing graphics or QuickTime movies to 1:1 10bit resolution was not working properly.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165108. (Macintosh) With dual monitors and the Macintosh menu bar located on the right hand monitor, accessing and saving workspaces did not work properly. Some windows were drawn off screen.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00163793. In a MediaNetwork environment, increasing the number of mounted workspaces caused the editing application to slow down.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165600. After applying a video or audio effect, opening the Effect editor window might have resulted in an Access violation error.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165460. Disabling the “Enable Confidence View” option in the Video Display Settings and then selecting the V track in the Capture Tool might have resulted in an Assertion error.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165221. Playing a 3D clip in source color correction mode might have caused “Consistency Check Failure” errors.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165305. (Windows) After installing MediaLog, the application would not launch unless the DVD installer was in the tray. The MediaLog installer now requires a reboot after install which fixes the issue.


Fixed in Media Composer v6.0.1, Symphony v6.0.1, and NewsCutter v10.0.1

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165320. The Composer Window did not minimize and then maximize properly.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165795. Switching between bin layouts might have resulted in an Assertion error.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165461. Maximizing the editing application and then importing and deleting a clip might have put the editing application into an unusable state.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165429. (Macintosh) You might have received a “Segmentation fault” error after switching from a stereoscopic format and adding an effect to a clip that had removed a color correction effect.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165418. On some systems, when in trim mode, dragging the trim rollers right and left did not update in the monitors.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165262. Occasionally the system would crash if you were in a stereoscopic project and you entered source side Color Correction mode.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165306. The Assemble Edit button now appears red when selected.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165113. (Windows) You could not correctly resize the Composer

window when using two monitors.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165084. (Macintosh) You could not resize a newly created bin window.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165398. Selecting “Loop selected clips” from the bin Fast menu did not function properly.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164508. Double-clicking text such as sequence and clip names did not highlight the text.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164402. (Windows) The Composer window would decrease in size when you clicked the maximize button.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00163709. You might have seen redraw issues when importing.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165295. Previously, after creating a new user and new project, then opening the Audio Mixer tool, the title bar of the Audio Mixer tool would open under the topmost file menu.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164886. The text in the Comments field in Script view was corrupt. 8

Fixed in Media Composer v6.0.1, Symphony v6.0.1, and NewsCutter v10.0.1

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00162559. (Macintosh) The Command +’ shortcut now works properly.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00161169. Moving the Clip high and Clip Low controls (in the Color

Correction HSL tab) left artifacts in the User Interface.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165271. The Nitris DX hardware has only 8 channels of high quality capture sample rate conversion. Previously, when you captured more than 8 channels of audio when connected to Nitris DX, the sample rate conversion would apply to 8 channels of audio and the other captured channels might result in static. Now if you capture 12 or 16 channel audio from HD-SDI, the editing application requires the sample rate to be 48K, disallowing sample rate conversion.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00164765. (Windows) When you held down the ALT key while opening a project, the project window opened as its own application.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165233. Rolling or crawling titles are now supported with ProRes SD.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165371. When recreating title media, the bin size would grow much

larger than with previous releases.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165315. When performing a batch capture, corrupt media files might have been created if you selected “Optimize for batch capture.”

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165583. Japanese dialog boxes might have displayed incorrect characters.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00165419. Clicking on the source side track panel with the source monitor active, activated the record monitor. The source monitor now remains active.

➤ Bug Number: UDevC00162296. (Nitris DX) You might have seen a frame reordering after performing a video mixdown with XDCAM EX material.