Letölthető az MC v6 és az AJA kártyákhoz szükséges AJA 10.0.1 firmware és driver verzió.

Letölthető az MC v6 és az AJA kártyák és külső interfészek használatához szükséges AJA 10.0.1 firmware és driver verzió.

New AJA v10.0.1 Software and Open I/O Plug-ins for Avid Now Available

Avid is now shipping Media Composer® 6.0, Symphony® 6.0 and NewsCutter® 10.0—AJA’s new v10.0.1 software for Mac and PC enables Avid support with the current line of KONA cards, Io Express and the upcoming Io XT!

AJA products supporting the new Avid software:

•    KONA 3G
•    KONA 3
•    KONA LHi
•    KONA LHe Plus
•    Io Express
•    Io XT (Coming Soon)

The new AJA v10.0.1 driver software for Mac and PC, and AJA Open I/O Plug-ins, are available today from AJA’s support page! Now you can support all major post-production workflows with one AJA Edit product!
Please note, there are multiple parts to this download:

1. Install the latest Avid software
2. Install AJA’s v10.0.1 driver
3. Install AJA Open I/O plug-ins

Download v10.0.1 and the AJA Open I/O plug-in for your product here.
Be sure to read the release notes to ensure proper installation.