Danley speaker European pricing

So finally a list with Danley Sound Labs’ speakers Euro pricing for European customers. Price per piece, excluding VAT and local tax, but including EC customs/duties and the shipping cost to any European capital. We are dealing with Danley since 2007 and sold Danley speakers to quite a few countries not only for PA but for hifi and home theatre customers as well. We have experience to install systems for all sorts small and big rooms, installed systems in large private houses, event houses, churches or open air situations. So ask us if you have a question and need Euro pricing for the revolutionary Danley speakers and if you need the very best. The list is being upgraded continuously, so soon the Infocomm 2011 introduced goodies will be listed too.


Here is the simplified list, more detailed pricing on the above link.

Synergy horn speakers (I= Install, T= touring, P= active powered):

SH100 please call

SH100BI (SH100BT) please call

SH100BIP (SH100BTP) please call

SH100M please call

SH100P please call

SH25 please call

SH25P please call

SH46I please call

SH46IP  please call

SH46T please call

SH46TP please call

SH50I (SH60I) please call

SH50IP (SH60IP) please call

SH50T (SH60T) please call

SH50TP (SH60TP) please call

SH64IP (SH64TP) please call

SH69I (SH69T) please call

SH69IP (SH69TP) please call

SH95I (SH95T) please call

SH96I (SH96T) please call

SH96IP (SH96TP) please call

SHDFA please call

SHLPM please call

SHmicro    please call

SHmini    please call

SM60FI (SM60FT) please call

SM60FIP (SM60FTP) please call

SM60MI please call

SM60MIP please call

SM96I (SM96T) please call

SM96IP (SM96TP) please call

Other horn speakers (I= Install, T= touring, P= active, powered):


GH60I (GH40I) please call

GH60IP (GH40IP) please call


J2 please call

JH90 (J1) including JH90 Dolly please call

JH90-OFW      please call

JH90P (J1P) including JH90 Dolly please call


Home theatre, Hifi, install (I= Install, T= touring, P= active, powered):

CS30I (CS30T) please call

CS30IP (CS30TP) please call

DTS10 please call

DTS10P please call

DTS20 please call

DTS20P please call

THSPUD   please call

THSPUDP   please call

TH50   please call

TH50P   please call

PA, touring (I= Install, T= touring, P= active, powered):

THmini   please call

THmini-IN   please call

TH28   please call

TH28P   please call

TH112 please call

TH112P please call

TH115I (TH115T) please call

TH115IP (TH115TP) please call

TH118I (TH118T) please call

TH118IP (TH118TP) please call

TH212I (TH212T) please call

TH212IP (TH212TP) please call

DBH218 (plus DBH218 dolly)   please call

DBH218P (plus DBH218 dolly)   please call

TH221I (TH221T) please call

TH221IP (TH221TP) please call

TH412I (TH412T) please call

TH412IP (TH412TP) please call

TH812I (TH812T) please call

TH812IP (TH812TP) please call


DSLA 1.7k please call

DSLA 3.3k please call

DSLA 4.5k please call

DSLA 6.5k please call

Speaker processor:

DSL P48 please call

Brackets, adapters, flyware:

50-OFW / 46-OFW      please call

ADPT-LRG please call

ADPT-SML please call

BRKT-100 please call

BRKT-100B please call

BRKT-69 please call

BRKT-95 please call

BRKT-M60 please call

BRKT-M96 please call

BRKT-micro please call

BRKT-mini please call

Flyware Options for Adapters please call

FS DFA-1 please call

FS50-2, FS60-2, FS60M-2, FS46-2, FS69-2 please call

FS50-3, SH60-3, FS60M-3, FS46-3, SH69-3 please call

FSGH60-2 & FSGH40-2 please call

MB-50  please call

MBA-50, MBA-60, MBA- M60, MBA-46, MBA-69 please call

Covers with Danley logo:

C-100  please call

C-115  please call

C-212  please call

C-30  please call

C-412  please call

C-46  please call

C-50  please call

C-60  please call

C-69  please call

C-JH90  please call

C-M60  please call

C-M96 please call

C-mini  please call