A héten indul egy jópár darabos minta szállítmány egy vadi új és elég ügyesnek látszó média playerből. iXtreamer névre hallgat.


Fontosabb ismérvei:

The iXtreamer hybrid media player is based on the same succesful platform of the models we introduced in 2010 in which you will be able to stream HD (MKV H.264)movies or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital music and show high-resolution slideshows of your family photos on your TV. The iXtreamer is equipped with 1 normal size 3.5″ HDD capacity of up to 3 TB storage, double the memory and iphone dock that will allow you to enjoy your iTunes collection on TV.
Experience your ipad music collection on the spectacular artistic GUI on your TV screen with amazing picture quality of HD video and crystal clear sound clarity of 7.1 CH digital audio. Use your iphone or the included remote control to navigate through your entertainment choices using crisp, animated HD menus.
– 1080P PlayBack

– 802.11n Connectivity

– HD Graphical User Interface (GUI)

– High@5.1 1080p 16 refs

– Twice the Memory

– iPhone RC Interface

– Dolby TrueHD Down MIxing

– BluRay ISO Support

– Integrated File Manager

– Password Folder Lock

– Internet Radio

– Multilingual Support

– Live Internet Content

– TVersty & TwonkyMedia Compatbility

– eTRAYz Optimization

– Windows 7 Compatible

– Movie Juke Box

– UPnP Web Getway

– NFS Client Support

– Subtitles & Playback

– TrickPlay

– H.264 MKV Support

– NAS Mode

– Easy DDnS Support

– FTP Server
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