192kHz/24 bites felvétel minták – a hatvanas években felvett analóg szalagokról digitalizálva

192k/24 bit FLAC minták, eredeti, a hatvanas években rögzített analóg mesterszalagról digitalizálva és egy kicsit maszterelve a High Definition Tape Transfers (HDTT) – től.

Mastering Equipment

Digital: Weiss ADC2 Analog to Digital Converter

Mytek ADC192 Modified by Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio

Lynx AES16 used for digital I/O
Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX Master Clock

Weiss Saracon Sample Rate Conversion Software

Weiss POW-r Dithering Software

Analog: Studer 810 Reel to Reel with JRF Magnetics Custom Z Heads & Siltech wiring

Aria tape head pre-amp by ATR Services

Cables:Purist Audio Design, Siltech

Power Sources: We use a PS Audio Power Plant Premier and Power Plant 300

Power Cords: Purist Audio Design, Essential Sound Products

Vibration Control: Symposium Acoustics Rollerblocks, Ultra platforms, Svelte shelves

Sonic Studio CD.1 Professional CD Burner using Mitsui Gold Archival CD’s and Archival Gold DVD’s

El Baile De Luis from Rafael Fruhbeck De Burgos Conducts the National Orchestra of Spain Music

Enigma Variation No.9 from Enigma Variations (Recorded Live) Lawrence Foster conducts the Houston Symphony Orchestra

Intermezzo from Respighi Rossiana Robert Zeller conducts the Vienna State Opera Orchestra

Allegro from Shostakovich Sonata in D minor op.40 for Cello and Piano

1st Deal from Stravinsky Jeu de Cartes Charles Munch conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra