Danley hangfalak, szubok tesztje – egy amerikai pro hangos fórumról

Meghagyva angol eredetiben, így talán egyértelműbbek a konklúziók, elnézést az angolul nem beszélőktől.

Jeff Knorr – Cobra Sound:

Below is the group shot of the products that were on hand for the event. The picture was taken toward the end of the event so it doesn’t show the SH95 and SH-mini on top of the SH64 (which is where they were originally auditioned). Unfortunately, the TH221 and TH812 weren’t on the truck and thus weren’t able to be heard at the demo.


My reason for attending the event was to finally put some names to faces and to experience the TH412 subwoofer. Our basic listening tests were not in the least bit scientific, we just cranked up some tracks and swapped boxes around as we desired. We also weren’t listening in the quietest of environments due to running cooling fans and other background noise.

We started out with the smaller Danley products and worked our way up the line. The SH-mini sounded very good for its diminutive size. It’s not the loudest or most efficient box out there but it’s a great speaker for home, fill, or small reinforcement tasks. The SH-mini was also paired with the TH-mini sub which definitely helps to round out the package and makes a surprising amount of bass for it’s size!

I believe the next box auditioned was the SH95, this has all the nice characteristics of the SH-mini but is more potent due to it’s increased efficiency and power handling. The SH95 also seems to offer some pretty good pattern control due to its Synergy Horn design. Later in the event we tried the SH95 in a floor monitor configuration–with some audio wood or slightly modified cabinet design, I think we might have a good contender for critical low to moderate SPL monitoring needs. The SH95 paired up with the TH115 made for a nice full range system that certainly wouldn’t take up much truck space.

The SH60 contains the same driver complement as the SH50 but is packaged on a slightly modified cabinet to achieve a 60 by 60 degree pattern. Run full range or with the TH115, the SH60 is an impressive cabinet. Again it demonstrated excellent pattern control from the Synergy Horn.

We proceeding on to the SH64 which I think can be a solid one box solution where bass response much below 50 Hz isn’t required. I thought it sounded a touch bright during its audition but it really wouldn’t be used in a near field app like we were listening to it and would probably really shine with a touch of EQ. It also has a considerable amount of horsepower behind the grill and great pattern control from the Synergy Horn.

I believe we kicked on the TH412 around this time and I recall a few smiles appearing in the room. The TH412 definitely makes some boom and extends deeper than the TH115. The TH412 also was almost able to keep up with the pair of SH46’s (we dropped the SH46 level by 3-5 dB) which is pretty darn impressive. Later in the event we tried the TH412’s and SH46’s powered by a Powersoft K10DSP amplifier and were even more impressed. The last few pictures in this thread will show a comparison in the physical size between the TH115 and TH412. Note that in the front shot the TH115 isn’t quite as wide as the TH412 but it appears to be due to it’s location in the picture.

I asked Joel about comparisons between the TH412 and TH115, he stated that 1 TH412 can produce more low bass than an array of four TH115’s. Personally, I think that the TH115s would have the definite advantage in the 60-100 Hz range but would love to be proven otherwise. Unfortunately we didn’t do any measurements or more scientific comparisons between the two boxes as this event.

We currently own eight of the SH46 boxes and have been very happy with them so far. They exhibit great pattern control and pack a heck of an SPL punch for their size and weight. In my opinion they’re an excellent option for anyone looking for boxes in the KF-650 class or better.